About me

My story

I’m thoroughly convinced that to do this job, knowledge is not enough. You also need passion and this was transmitted to me by my father who’s been a guide for over 50 years. So, as you will see it runs in the family!

He’s retired now, but some of the people I’ve had the pleasure to take around Pompei over the years, and who had met him before, say that I’m "a chip off the old block", which makes me feel very proud!

He often used to take me to Pompei when I was a little girl, and every time I was so fascinated by everything that I grew up with the dream of becoming a tour guide too.

That dream never changed, and after having gained my degree in the history of art and archeology, I became a qualified guide for the region of Campania.

Why choose me?


You are choosing a “local” guide. Being a local guide means having expert knowledge of the area the guide is working in. I was born and bred in this area and I love it deeply. My roots are here.


You can have your own “tailor made” tour. If you have a special request other than the standard tours, I can personalize your tour to fit your wishes and expectations.


You won’t waste any time waiting in line for the most popular and crowded places. I know how to move and get you out of the crowds!


I can help you with entrance tickets and skip the line in Pompeii.


You’ll not only get history, but a truly Italian cultural experience.


I can give you some tips that only a smart and cool local knows, such as where to find the best pizza in town, the best "panino caprese", the most genuine limoncello, which boat trip is absolutely not to miss, and finally what is worth doing or not worth doing.


I treat all my guests as my extended family. My motto is:"be the guide you’d like to have for yourself and your family". So, you’ll be well looked-after.


 I offer a very reliable and professional service.

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